Song meditations

Heading to your Higher Self-Image

The development of the highly positive thinking, highly sensitive part of consciousness receives special attention at Ayfaar. We understand the high sensitivity as such a deep emotional experience, which an individual undergoes with an unconditional and selfless desire to make the world of both one and a billion of people more harmonious and perfect. When the personal interests and desires take a back seat to more global interests and needs: some group of people, country, nation, the humankind, our planet. 

Dynamic meditation with Ayfaarian songs

The Ayfaarian song meditation can be classified as dynamic — it takes place in the form of individual or collective performance of songs. The meaning of these songs and images, which arise while their performance, help recreate, in own mind, the best positive life moments, connect them together and multiply go through these high feelings. Our consciousness in the multiple and diverse experience of any emotion and feeling is prone to replicate it in the future due to the developments of new neuronal connections. That is, the more we help ourselves experience positive thinking, the easier we are able later to cause this feeling in everyday life. 

Thanks to the sensual aspects of the process of singing itself, the song meditations, together with the sincere and highly positive meaning of the words of a song, set up and help anchor the feeling of joy, happiness, true love, sincerity, emotional openness and kindness on the unconscious level. They help learn to perceive oneself as a positively thinking and joyful person and gradually create a wise and loving Higher Self-Image as a man bearing kindness, care, warmth and love to other people. Singing of the Ayfaarian songs is accompanied by a more relaxed alpha rhythm of the brain activity, which accelerates the regenerative processes in the body, increases stress tolerance, decreases the tendency to depression. 

Each song is an affirmation

Many people are already convinced of the effectiveness of different affirmations, tuning in which the individual is programming his mind on certain trends of its manifestation. It’s no secret that our quality of life, with all the circumstances, meetings and events is dependent upon the internal mental attitude. Each Ayfaarian song is a powerful concentrated affirmation to create an aim on the positive, joyful, altruistic spirit and true love towards everything. And the fact that these affirmations are sung as a song further enhances their miraculous effects on the human psyche. After all, during the singing, the individual gets more relaxed and open, the degree of anxiety gets reduced and various tensions leave. That’s what it takes to “reach out” to the higher “Self” and to awaken its spiritual capabilities. 

Feeling the unity with Ayfaarian songs

Singing meditation is an important part of the Ayfaarian lifestyle. Every day after work, we get together and sing the Ayfaarian songs for 30 minutes. During the warm season, it happens around the fire warming us while we are sitting in a circle, drinking sweet tea and singing songs. When all voices seem to merge into one, everything around ceases to exist subjectively, and sometimes one can feel the unity with everything around. This is the Meditation. 

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