Sound Cosmic Code meditations

The word “meditation” doesn’t impress anybody today. But what associations arise when we hear it? This is usually a man sitting in the Lotus position, mantra chanting, quiet relaxing music. Is some other approach possible to the technique of meditation? Yes, Iissiidiology offers ways of self-knowledge, new opportunities, and they are connected with the Sound Cosmic Codes that its author gives.

These are the Codes which can reveal to anyone the vast horizons of the Knowledge, of which we don’t have the slightest idea now. In the books of Oris, the Cosmic Codes are given in order that all who wish could obtain additional Information beyond what is already given in Iissiidiology. And this is the future trend as you should be able to reach those high frequency Levels, which will allow to receive it.

The technique of meditation on the Cosmic Codes has been given already by the author of Iissiidiology, and in this article, we want to share it with you since you can and should try already to meditate in new ways. So, in what sequence and what should be done?

Technique of Sound Cosmic Code meditation

It is necessary to take a comfortable position. It is best to meditate lying down; then you can relax completely. When performing sitting meditations, it is harder to achieve this; besides, for example, tilting the head forward can distract.

One should utter a chosen Sound Cosmic Code in a whisper, and then to himself (the choice should be made in advance, of course). It may take approximately 15-20 minutes; although everything will take place individually for everyone. The eyes should be closed to avoid distractions.

In parallel with the delivery of the Code, one should relax all body muscles. And no music is advisable. It will only distract and won’t allow to tune to a frequency embedded in the very Code.

The pronouncing of the Code must be combined with the inhale and exhale. When breathing in, the first half of the Code is pronounced, and when breathing out, the second half is. That is, your breathing should fully merge with the Code. You shouldn’t concentrate on each letter of the Code since the whole combination is required.

In this phase of meditation, some images can arise. You shouldn’t stop at them and record them. They arise because each letter of the Code is the carrier of some Information. Therefore, the appearing images may not belong to the Information Flow associated with the Code. In addition, the quality of meditation will always depend on the level of synthesis of the two lower IISSIIDI-Centers of the meditator. Sometimes their too strong activity can hinder entering into meditation at all since, for example, fear or sexual images appear.

When the rhythm of breathing is almost in line with the Code and they become one, all images disappear, and “falling out” from the waking state occurs. Ideally, the Focus of human Self-Consciousness gets fully included in the Code and becomes what this Code is. What happens in this case depends on the Code and the level of development of the individual. In General, the Cosmic Codes are a different actuality, a Reality. So even if you are be able to see, to experience and to understand something, it will be very difficult to convey it to others since such SFUURMM-Forms are self-knowledge and may simply not be available in our World.

However, this is exactly the meaning of meditation — the transference of Information to other people, meaning, Altruism. Otherwise it is just selfishness, which either may not give a chance to enter meditation at all, or you will not be able to interpret the Information even for yourselves. And most likely you’ll just fall asleep before reaching the Levels at which Information embedded in the Cosmic Codes is disclosed.

If you finally manage to enter meditation, don’t worry about leaving it. This will happen by itself.

Meditation Tips

The author of Iissiidiology shared several tips concerning meditations on the Sound Cosmic Codes. If you try to enter meditation and receive images projected into the Self-Consciousness by the IISSIIDI-Centers of ARGLLAAMUNI or INGLIMILISSA, you must continue to pronounce the Code and try to be an Observer. This process self-knowledge is similar to how a man travelling on a train does not focus on the images flashing in the window.

There are two possible outcomes: omitting the images or stumbling at them. In the first case, you continue the meditation on the Code, and in the second case, you need to stop uttering it and better to start working with the low-frequency levels, which don’t allow to meditate. It is not necessary to be upset, because it is good that you have identified what you need to work with at the moment. And in no case should you stop the attempts of meditation on the Codes.

If there are a recurring itch or some other distractions in the body in the process of tuning to the Code — it is also the work of the low-frequency Form-Creators. In this way, they affect the Self-Consciousness through bio-Creators, so that the individual does not come up to higher Levels. Because these Levels are destructive for them. Thus, there is a resistance, to which you have to be ready and just try not to be distracted by such manifestations. If you can endure, the meditation will continue.

The important point is the preparation for meditation. Before its performance, it is better not to eat, although you can drink weak tea. In this way, the body will not have hyperarousal. Also it very good to give a cleansing enema. Meditation should be made early in the morning, but before bedtime is also possible. The choice needs to be individual – it depends on your comfort. In any case, you must have a powerful altruistic desire to benefit others. Then you will succeed!

What can you do right now?

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