There are multiple ways to resolve one situation

There are multiple ways to resolve one situation

Opportunities for the development of the situation based on current mental states

Studying Iissiidiology, I realized that there are always multiple ways out in any situation, although some might not be obvious. Their diversity depends on the mental state of the person. For example, sadness and resentment beget further life scenarios where the situation is deteriorating. While a positive and friendly state opens the chances of a successful outcome!

This phenomenon is called the cosmic principle of multipolarization. Knowledge of it helped me once to resolve a conflict with a loved one. I’ll tell this story, but first let’s understand what multipolarization means.

Multipolarization is a word formed from “multi” (many) and “polarization” (separation of whole into parts). If it is applied to psyche, it gives the emergence of a variety of outcomes, development scenarios based on the current event – or rather, on the mental state experienced by the person involved in it.

Having been applied to the principle, the word “multipolarization” shows that, from any of the life scenario points, there are many options for ways out, which in turn branch out again. This can be compared to a situation when you are in a room with many doors. You can go out to any of them, but you will get into the next room where, again, a lot of doors appear.

How can we use knowledge of this principle? I’ll explain you by example. Once me and my friend had a very unpleasant conversation. She came to ask for advice in a situation difficult for her. After listening to her, I said I couldn’t help, and she should find her own way out.

My friend went. Days went by, but she never came and never called, even though we were so used to communicate. I realized that she was offended. However, I believed that there was no my guilt in what happened there. At first I decided to wait until she herself would show interest in further communication. But then I remembered about multipolarization, which opens opportunities for the development of the situation based on the current mental states – both mine and my friend’s ones. Actually, after talking, I’d decided to leave her alone. My decision could give rise to the branching of probable scenarios, in which we would move away from each other, for example, like this:

  1. My friend is so offended that decides to break our friendship.
  2. She doesn’t call for so long, she is worried so much that she comes to depression. Other diseases develop on this background.
  3. She calls, saying her displeasure, but we cannot restore our friendly relations immediately.

I thought that I didn’t want to get into any one of these life scenarios. Besides, I didn’t want our friendship to stop, and I realized that I should make a step forward by myself. And so I did. Multipolarization disclosed before me possible scenarios where there was a possibility to save the friendship!

As a result, we became even more friendly, and I came to the conclusion that the principle of multipolarization should be always kept in mind. To do this, in any stressful situation you must:

  • calm down;
  • remember that there are many ways out;
  • analyze possible options;
  • choose the most suitable one.

Thanks to the information about the principle of multipolarization, I began to go deeper into the events to find the most efficient outcome. Perhaps, this information will help you in difficult circumstances. You can obtain more information about this and other cosmic principles here.

Would you have wanted to do other choices in the past, if you knew about multipolarization?

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