The “sponsor” of our immortality

The “sponsor” of our immortality

We live forever due to the simultaneous existence of many worlds

Nature itself has endowed mankind with immortality, but it hid it from us for a while inside a phenomenon which we call death. This is the kind of a paradox! The universe has used to us such an emergency measure because human consciousness has not yet reached the parameters of development that allow people to live 300, 400, 500 and more years in one body. And the organization, control and the actual execution of the immortality is entrusted to certain cosmic laws and principles.

In this article, we will talk about one of the “sponsors” of our immortality – about the cosmic principle of onemomentness. Let us consider an example.

You are watching TV. You get tired of watching one channel and push the remote control to switch to a second, third…twenty-fifth channel and so on. Many channels are connected to the TV, from which you choose the best for yourself. You always have a choice since all these channels broadcast continuously and simultaneously, i.e., in one moment.

Similarly there are many parallel worlds (TV channels) in one moment with different versions of our lives. We recognize ourselves now in one world, now in another, choosing from the variety of them in the Universe. The iissiidiological interpretation of the principle of onemomentness is “Everything exists”. That is, all we can think, imagine or fantasize of, already exists in the Universe in some of the worlds!

Due to the simultaneous existence of many different parallel worlds, we can exist forever. Having died in one world, we immediately appear in another. Death destroys our biological body only. And at the same time we realize ourselves as living in another world, another life scenario. Our body is not the only refuge of our consciousness. Let’s make the first conclusion about the role of the principle of onemomentness in life: this principle gives us immortality.

Secondly, it provides us freedom of choice. Life scenarios already exist in the universe. Our task is to choose the most suitable one for the implementation of the current interests and needs of acquiring experience. Imagine that you have any conflict situation, and you choose how to respond to it: to insult, to remain silent, to cry, to laugh, to talk quietly, to turn and walk away and so on. We always have a few possible choices and the same number of worlds where we have reacted already in different ways. Of course, the selection and movement over the worlds are carried out in a not so simple way — they are governed also by other cosmic principles, for example, resonationness, multipolarization and slloogrentness. But overall, the freedom of choice is still ours — in what kind of world and with what reaction we will realize ourselves!

Thirdly, due to this principle, all forms of life have the ability to endlessly evolve. Each of the simultaneously existing parallel worlds has its own vibration characteristics. By knowing ourselves in one world, we shift to the following one, which parameters allow us to improve further. And so on to infinity.

Well, how about the principle of onemomentness? Agree that this is a very generous “sponsor”! It gives us the opportunity to be immortal, ensures our freedom of choice (albeit limited by other principles), our ability to evolve… to live!

I advise you to visit resources for the study of Iissiidiology, where the principle of onemomentness is described in more detail. There you will find also information about basic principles.

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