Life like a boiler plate

Life like a boiler plate

Neural circuits of stereotypic behavior have been established in our brain. Many of them help us simplifying our lives: we don’t think how to move our arms and legs, how our body stores the balance, how we breathe. But there are stereotypes that complicate the way of life and impede human self-development. How not to lose yourself and your sense of living among the instincts and the need to survive?

In the world, the life conditions have been developed long ago that allow not only to survive but also to live creatively and positively! And we’re still using old templates: we have been offended – we give back; we feel bad – we complain, but do not work on ourselves and the situation; we are afraid – we run away or attack.

How much more can we argue with the loved ones, be jealous of our loved ones, take offense on different occasions? It is much nicer to calmly discuss any situation over a cup of tea, considering not only our interests but also the interests of the interlocutor. Then we’ll have much less reasons for emotional pain and suffering, feelings about the break with family and friends. Changing our habitual behaviors will facilitate not only our lives but the lives of the people around.

Our brain can both offer us usual options of thinking and learn to perceive the new ones. When we get used to positive mental attitudes and motivations, we purposefully program the brain and hormonal system to the states interesting to us. Thus, we can self-develop and make for ourselves positive behaviors, the constant use of which will replace habits disturbing us. Here are some examples of positive patterns:

  • Talk to people in a calm, even voice. It inclines interlocutor to dialogue and trust.
  • Try to take time to consider any serious offers; it will help to avoid unwanted results.
  • Don’t deceive others and not to make promises if you are not sure in their implementation.
  • Thank life for all its forms.
  • Always be honest with yourself and others…

You can continue the list, complementing your own individual templates. And it is better to write for yourself cherished behaviors, that is, to make your higher quality self-Image of who you want to be. With this Image in the mind, it is much easier to realize your life’s meaning and to self-develop. In Iissiidiology, you can find hints and guidelines to compile your quality self-image.

Dream and act! Live this self-Image as if you have become it already!

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