Is luck a coincidence or a pattern?

Is luck a coincidence or a pattern?

Any events get attracted into our lives not by chance, but by the resonance

Favorable outcomes from critical situations make me think every time that “lucky” people are those who have a deep knowledge. Most often, luck is the result of knowledge, understanding and appropriate actions. What do you need to know to be “lucky” more often? Let’s get this straight in the right order.

There is one thing that happened to me. One day my washing machine broke while working. All the water from it poured on the floor and began to seep through the ceiling cover into the residential apartment on the floor below. The owners of that apartment had fixed up the apartment recently, and the flood wouldn’t make them happy for sure. All in all, we managed to avoid scandal. The iissiidiological information about one of the cosmic principles worked out in my favor. Later I will describe how this problem was successfully resolved. Now let’s meet this principle.

Iissiidiology defines it as the principle of resonationness, which is indispensable for all life processes. You could hear its simplified meaning as “like attracts like”. Any events are attracted into our lives not by chance, but resonationally. The basis for such attraction is:

a phenomenon of multiverse – there simultaneously exist parallel worlds where similar or different events occur. In one world, the washing machine brakes down early; in the other, it hasn’t been broken at all; in the third, I have no machine and use public laundry; and so on. If, in the current world, I have a washing machine and it breaks, then I resonationally attract worlds where water:

  • has not got to the neighbors, or
  • has got and soaked only the wallpaper, or
  • has got, soaked the wire of a turned on electric appliance – the fire has started;
  • other options.

consistency (similarity) between vibrations of the consciousness and the world. Iissiidiologically, it is more correct to assume that these are not events which are attracted to a man, but the man shifts his consciousness into another world. The vibrational content of the consciousness (thoughts, emotions, words and then actions) stimulates the man resonationally to shift to one of the parallel worlds, the circumstances in which correspond to the vibrations of his consciousness. Therefore, confident and calm people get less troubles than, for example, fussy and shy ones do.

Having located the leak of all the water out of the machine, I thought that I wanted resonationally to shift to the parallel worlds without a damage to the neighbors and myself. What I did as soon as I found out that there was a risk of flooding:

  1. I accepted the event. “It has already happened, and I am unable to cancel it. But I have another option — I can resonationally to affect the outcome with my own mental states. The more positive and safer I am, the more likely I get into the best option of the event.
  2. I calmed my mind: “In the worst case, I will help neighbors with money and advise a good repairman. The situation is redeemable.
  3. Then I immediately began to visualize the best outcome for this circumstance. This rendering freed my mind from excitement and fear.
  4. I set myself up for trust in life. “It helps me to keep a steady positive condition”. I remembered one of my favorite motivations: life is always right!
  5. Before heading to the neighbors, I got sidetracked to not obsess over the incident. I meditated and harmonized my mental state.

The principle of resonationness was awake! When I came to the neighbors to assess the damage, I was pleasantly surprised. The traces of water was neither on the wall nor on the ceiling! Obviously, I managed to not get stuck on fear and vanity. “That’s really lucky!” – I would say earlier, before I met Iissiidiology.

So, consciously using only one cosmic principle among many others, I was able resonationally to move into the world with a positive life scenario! I achieved similar positive results repeatedly already. It turns out that luck is a pattern based on the cosmic principles. In Iissiidiology, other cosmic principles are described, which can be found on this page.

And here you can find effective ways to customize your consciousness on favorable events. I use them in addition to meditations:

And any other positive and soothing music and information help me.

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