Happy future — what is it and how can one get to it?

Happy future — what is it and how can one get to it?

Would you like to live 300 years or more? In the process of evolution people can reach such a high level of self-development when 500 years of life are not the limit for them. Let’s look what a futuristic forecast is suggested by Iissiidiology for future people who want to be helpful and positive in life.

Future people can control their genes, remaining young and healthy throughout life (up to 1000 years). Extrasensory perception, telekinesis and other superpowers will be natural for them. In their world, there are no such things as wars, hatred, violence, rudeness. Negative, aggressive, instinctive feelings are not typical for them. They have received this experience while living our lives. Simply, they are we, with whom everything begins .

They will continue to know themselves not only in “earthly” creativity, but also in the cosmic one:

  • to monitor and control the gravitational parameters of any objects;
  • to create new forms of life and settle them throughout different planetary and star systems;
  • to develop necessary quantum-photonic devices to meet spiritual, physiological and material needs of all members of the society.

Monetary relations in these worlds will be the thing of the past. Every person will have everything necessary for life and successful self-development. The consciousness of the future people will reach such a high level that everyone will be anxious not only to receive but to give above all – to direct all their abilities to the improvement and development of the entire Human community.

Having realized this iissiidiological information, of course I wanted to make that Human future my own present as soon as possible! Though, my desire was a less thing — would I be able to do this? Then I realized what exactly I needed to change for the better to be worthy of such a future (and the present – why not!). I needed to minimize unconscious, instinctive thoughts, feelings and actions that interfered with my desire for peace of the people. I understood that I had nothing to do among these future people, until I showed:

Impulsivity. Now I try to think about my actions beforehand and make the right decisions.

Haste in conclusions about an unfamiliar person or situation. Now I try to take a deeper look, to assess all the facts and understand the cause of what’s going on.

Anxiety is one of the types of fear. When I was worried about troubles which had already occurred, it didn’t help me to change the situation. What had happened, had happened. When I was worried about what would happen, it most likely attracted the expected circumstances. The idea of something is material.

Irresponsibility. Enhancing my own responsibility to the loved ones and then to the world around them, I learned to cause less harm to the world and people. And that’s what it takes to be a real Human!

The emotional closeness, that is, a reluctance to openly and safely talk about own feelings in order to deal with them. Practicing openness, at least with myself, I began to find in myself destructive states and to transform them into neutral and positive.

For me, it became important to replace my unconscious, instinctive impulses for conscious perception and a positive attitude to any event. I retrained my brain to work not as it used to, but as it was necessary for me. As you know, there are many other intrinsic instinctive qualities which hold us in this imperfect world and which we have to deal with.

To be a real Man is not some magical one-time action, which will immediately change our destiny. It is a constant, purposeful work of a lifetime. However, Human prospects are worthy of our aspiration to become a full member of a highly developed Human society. Try to imagine whether you want to be part of such a society? Do you meet it now or you need to change something in yourself and your life to become Human?

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