Deja vu – a mistake of the brain or the sacred message of the Soul

Deja vu – a mistake of the brain or the sacred message of the Soul

Iissiidiological and other versions of the explanation of déjà vu

Sometimes a man knows exactly what will happen the next second, though he is in a strange place and conditions. And he as if remembers from somewhere the surrounding space! This state usually lasts a few seconds. And no matter how hard the man tries to recall this situation in the past, he can’t play the familiar events in memory.

Déjà vu disappears as suddenly as is arises. It does not affect the state of our health, does not bring us a significant benefit, but the interest in it constantly thrills the minds of people. And how science, philosophy and Iissiidiology explain this mysterious state of mind? I think that we will need the information about the nature of déjà vu to comprehend this experience in a way suitable for us.

A small excursion into history. At the end of the 19th century, French scientist Emile Boirac studied an unusual mental state of many people, and he used a beautiful term “déjà vu” to call it (from French déjà vu – “already seen”). Déjà vu is one of the most mysterious abilities of the human psyche that is not yet fully understood by scientists. And there is a great divergence of their views on this issue. Perhaps the reason of the unsolved mystery of this strange condition lies in the fact that the process of déjà vu is rather short, and it is impossible to recreate it artificially for learning in the clinical setting.

Scientists around the world are trying to unravel the causes of the symptoms of déjà vu. At this point, there are dozens of versions of its possible origins in science. In this article, we will briefly discuss this phenomenon from the perspectives of science, philosophy, psychology, esotericism and Iissiidiology.

1. Some scientists believe that déjà vu is due to a malfunction of the brain. A man loses communication with the memory and takes the information already stored in his memory for quite new one. Even severe stress can damage our biological computer, the brain, and cause a state of déjà vu.

2. The father of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud – associated déjà vu with the subjects seen in a dream. He suggested that, during sleep, a huge variety of subjects is formed in the human mind. Some of them appear in our real life. If the story of the dream unfolds in the reality around us, which we do not remember, there is a sense of déjà vu.

3. Philosophers consider this mysterious state as a result of reincarnation. The researcher Aleksey Polyanskiy believes that our thoughts and feelings do not disappear anywhere but are stored in our subconsciousness. We can always deliberately take advantage of them, although sometimes the “messages” from the past arise spontaneously in our mind. So, we have the impression that we’ve already lived these moments. This version was supported by the famous Swiss psychologist and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung who believed in the rebirth of man. To make the phenomenon of déjà vu scientific, he renamed “reincarnation” in the “genetic memory”.

4. There is an opinion in esoteric circles . It is believed that déjà vu is a sacred message of our Soul trying to tell the man that he is on the right way.

5. From the iissiidiological point of view, déjà vu could be considered as a hint of the immortality of consciousness:

  • We just think that we live in the same world from birth to death. However, in fact, we are constantly refocusing (shifting our consciousness) through different worlds in multiverse. Our biological body dies only, and according to the principle of resonationness (similarity), consciousness in the same moment moves to its another biological form (personalized interpretation), which already exists in a parallel world. Often refocusings occur in own personal interpretation of a younger age, which can also cause a state of déjà vu: it seems to us that we have lived all our life in a new house, although we enter it for the first time. And our consciousness has refocused from a world in multiverse where we lived for a long time, until our death in this house. We will never get in absolutely identical circumstances previously experienced by us, but we can find ourselves in very similar ones to those we previously had. Although we will feel a completely “new” person, but similar situations from the past will seem very familiar to us, that is, the state of déjà vu will appear.
  • Also the sense of déjà vu may occur in our mind when an “overlay” happens of the information from the memory of one of our personal interpretations on the information of another personal interpretation in multiverse. In our brain, the hippocampus is responsible for storing, retrieving and transferring information from short memory to long-term memory. Interactions at the level of p-waves can occur between the neurons of the hippocampi of our brain and the brain of our another personal interpretation. They cause not inherent to us earlier, memories of “already seen things”, that is, déjà vu.

We have examined a small part of the existing hypotheses on the causes of déjà vu, and their total number is about forty. Which version is most attracting for you? If you are closer to the iissiidiological information, the more detail it can be found here and here.

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