Am I a body, which is controlled by the brain, or something else?

Am I a body, which is controlled by the brain, or something else?

Once I first wondered where from the human heart takes the energy to beat. There comes a time and it switches off; besides, this can happen at any age. Who or what starts and stops the heart, and the human life with it?

The answers I found boiled down to the existence of the soul or consciousness. But only answers from Iissiidiology satisfied my curiosity completely. I understood that the soul and mind are really connected with the human body and perform life-enhancing, inspiring role for it. In fact, all information about us as individuals are laid in them.

The soul is a part of the information space of the Universe, a kind of storage device of the individual experience man gets not only in one world, but in the parallel existences. In its more global terms, it includes the experience of all relatives of a person in different times and spaces.

The mind is a vast set of energy-informational interrelations, combined in a certain way and propagating in the infinity of the Universe. This is a set of so-called sub-personalities with different interests, who are fighting for the person’s attention. You can read about sub-personalities in psychology, but Iissiidiology helped me to look at them from another angle – as individual conscious entities.

It is difficult to describe how these two structures animate the body because the mechanism of such action is very difficult and cannot be perceived by our ordinary senses. However, the principle became clear to me. It lies in the fact that everyone is connected to the soul like with wires, through which electric current flows.

When the circuit gets broken, the animation stops. There is even a certain place in the brain where this connection happens — it is claustra. Consciousness is manifested only in the case when this connection is active.

Scientists also began to draw conclusions about the presence of some intangible element in the form of consciousness. For example, after years of research, academician Bekhterev claims that the human brain does not generate thoughts alone. It is only their receiver and repeater. But they appear from somewhere! A conclusion about the availability of their source – mind or soul – is self-evident.

It turns out that the body obeys the soul and the consciousness, right? One could say also that these immaterial substances control a single system of the body. In addition, every organ, cell and even the smallest of its components — organelles are governed by their own consciousnesses! They have their own life and role in the life of the whole organism. They are united with one goal – to give the opportunity to gain experience to the one what we call personality.

In Iissiidiology, I have found the combination of information about the soul, consciousness, physiology – everything I learned from different sources before. With its help, I bridged the existing gaps in knowledge and found out that the person is a multidimensional, multilevel system of the psyche + physiology. If you, like me, are interested in details about the mind and soul without which the body would not be a man, read basic principles.

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