Trainings - a way to balance the mind and emotions

  • 1-3 weeks of concentrated learning
  • The principles and practice of positive thinking and communication 
  • Effective practices on self-improvement and meditation
  • A unique way of learning the concepts of Iissiidiology directly from the author and Ayfaarians
  • Broad recreation opportunities at the shore of the Black sea

Sloullings offer a new approach

An unusual word – “sloulling” is used to name trainings at Ayfaar. This name was not chosen randomly. We strive to demonstrate a radically new approach to the process of transfer of experience and knowledge, when every member is not just a guest, who is actively and meaningfully integrated into the life of Ayfaar during a particular sloulling. 

Concepts such as “training” or “educational system” do not reflect the full meaning of our activities, so there is a new unique concept of sloulling. It is important to note that, the notion of “sloulling” is much more — it is our Service to people, which is expressed in the desire to share our Dream, our Experience, Knowledge and Love. We strive to ensure that each participant lights a spark of Warmth, Kindness and Service to people! 

Unconditional positivism and intellectual-altruistic thinking

The immediate task of sloullings is the formation of intellectual-altruistic thought patterns and life skill of unconditional positivism. This task is solved via several mechanisms: 

  • Elaboration of self-awareness and work above oneself using Ayfaarian techniques and practices 
  • Introspection and working with States according to the criteria of OHRI
  • Cultivation of intellectual-altruistic system of values 
  • Development of Intellect by studying Iissiidiology 
  • Development of Altruism by using the Ayfaarian lifestyle 
  • Mastering meditative practices 
  • Formation of the Goals which can fill you with creative and positive energy for many years to come! 

Our programs

If you want to immerse into Iissiidiological world and discover your Deep Human Nature

a. Song meditations

Ayfaarian song meditation can be classified as dynamic — it takes place in the form of individual or collective performance of songs. 

The meaning of Ayfaarian songs and images that arise while performing them help recreate in your mind the best positive life moments, to connect them together and re-experience these high feelings. In multiple and diverse experience of any emotions and feelings, our consciousness is prone to replicate them in the future due to the steadily-established neural connections. 

That is, the more we help ourselves to experience positive thinking, the easier we are able to arouse this feeling later in everyday life. Thanks to the sensual aspects of the singing process, song meditations with the sincere and highly positive meaning of the words of the song set up and help fix, on the unconscious level, the feelings of joy, happiness, love, sincerity, emotional openness, kindness. 

b. Song soirees

Ayfaarian song soirees are preparatory activities for the successful development of the song meditations — one of the most important practices of self-improvement cultivated at the Ayfaar. 

Stiffness and self-doubt don’t allow people to believe in themselves, constrain the internal flow of ampliative Energies and prevent from achieving the desired mental states. Work with tension and rigidity occurs through the recitation of the verses of the Ayfaarian songs with the sensual desire to express their meaning and to convey these feelings to others. This practice helps to develop the skill of using tone of voice to highlight the key points and to learn to generate a cordial flow into consciousnesses of other people. 

Finally, the song soirees help “to open the mind”, to remove mental tight and, of course, to increase the self-awareness of the meditator due to the attunement of the consciousness with the ampliative meaning of the songs. Further systematic cultivation of highly spiritual states with the help of song meditations allows fixed new behavioral models focusing the consciousness of a meditator in supportive and positive scenarios of Life. 

c. The Iissiidiology basics (available in English)

Participation in the sloulling provides a unique opportunity to deepen your iissiidiological ideas in the place where Oris works and where Iissiidiology undergoes the “first run”. At Ayfaar, Iissiidiology is being studied carefully and systematically, as a basis for the development of the human Intellect. 

The teaching objective of this course is to help students to form the basic iissiidiological understanding of the origin and mechanism of functioning of Self-Consciousness and the structure of Space-Time, of the ways of the evolution of human self-awareness and its place in the structure of the macrocosmos. That is why this course is called “the Iissiidiology basics”. 

d. The Iissiidiology theory (available in English)

A course of lessons on the theory of Iissiidiology implies deep immersion in the material of the first four volumes of “the Iissiidiology Fundamentals” with a detailed analysis of the key Ideas about the Structure of the Macrocosmos and the mechanisms of Its functioning. This course is a logical continuation of the cycle of studies on “the Iissiidiology basics”; but in this case, instead of the simplified and generalized notional explanation of semantic conclusions about the nature of our world, there is a meticulous analysis of all details and nuances underlying the synthetic evolutional-involutional dynamics of the surrounding reality. 

Those wishing to deepen own understanding of such a massive volume of information about the properties and mechanisms of everything that is happening around us will also be able to synthesize this knowledge with their own internal processes of the formation of own perception, to improve and customize the edge of own cognition in order to clearly see the “goal” of own research initiatives — the mystery of own mind, which in a global perspective is the founder of all the variety of multilevel structures in many Universes. 

Despite awareness of the improbability and even contrivedness of such a hyper-scaled perspective, participants will be able to touch the reality of the existence of these abilities of the mind, and most importantly, to feel their fundamental attainability for any individual.

e. The Structure of Personality (available in English)

Iissiidiology argues that personality is something that doesn’t exist. It would appear to be a paradox. How can we deny who we are? In order to deeper understand what a personality is, from the point of view of Iissiidiology, we will have to talk about the multidimension and multi-scenario features of our destinies, to consider the foundations of building the Focus Dynamics, to learn about the purpose and mechanism of functioning of the IISSIIDI-Centers, to study in detail the Levels of human Self-Consciousness. And only after making such a large excursion into the general theoretical part of Iissiidiology, we will be able to answer the question “what is personality?”. 

The studied model of the structure of personality is the basis for the interpretation of the Ayfaarian practices of self-improvement. The deep understanding of the signs of activity of each of the Levels of Self-Consciousness will help you to identify a particular psychism and make the decision to work on it. The deep understanding of the functioning of the IISSIIDI Centers will allow you to more confidently and clearly build  your system of values and approaches to self-improvement. The knowledge of the expression features of Form-Creators of different Levels allows consciously to keep track of own unconscious manifestations and to adjust own behaviors to the human side.

f. The Human Development Direction (available in English)

The structure of lessons on the Human Development Path involves a gradual and sequential introduction of the participants to the concept of the HDD and its features. The aim is to promote a more sustainable and conscious wish of the participants of the sloulling to follow the Human (lluuvvumic) development direction and to carry this information further, showing it and inspiring other people. The key themes underlying the lessons of this sloulling: 

  • The Human (lluuvvumic) development direction and its characteristics,
  • Challenges to the Human Path,
  • The role of protein-nucleic mechanism in the work of our consciousness, 
  • The transformation of negativisms (non-positivisms),
  • Human relationships between people,
  • The benefits of the Human direction,
  • Cosmic Human – myth or reality. 

If you want to improve understanding with family, friends and the whole world

a. The intellectual-altruistic model

If you are already familiar with Iissiidiology, with the background of the Idea of creating our Centers, you know about the lluuvvumic (Human) development direction. The author of Iissiidiology, Oris, drawing on years of experience of the profound Meditations, has formed strong conceptions about the “many-world” structure of the Universe and the most effective ways of evolution of the humankind’s collective consciousness. This means that, out of billions of options for our future, you can choose all the scenarios you want, but only few lead to the actual prosperity and effective development of the humanity.

According to the knowledge presented by Oris, such scenarios are only those in which the humanity has established the two criteria, Intellect and Altruism as the basis of its system of values! Of course, there are other interesting scenarios, but the “length of their path” is higher by hundreds and thousands of years of evolution. To master the lluuvvumic value system, we offer a series of theoretical and practical trainings “Int-Alt model” that reveals the basics of the new, positive thinking. 

Unit 1. The lluuvvumic dynamic system of values. Types of intellect and altruism and their consistent evolutionary transformation. 

Unit 2. Int-Alt map of the mental states.

b. The Ayfaarian way of life

What is it — a new, highly spiritual way of life? What should be changed in the minds of billions of people in order for many things to come to pass: wars, ethnic strife, tyranny, as well as sophisticated hypocrisy and craftiness of people standing on top of the consumer pyramid? What would one have to do for not a handful of favorites but everyone to be able to change his life and the life of the society in the direction of Light, Goodness and Love? 

It is this articulation of questions which has formed the basis of a unique experiment conducted at Ayfaar to create a new “Ayfaarian lifestyle”. 

c. Self-awareness in Ayfaarian relations (available in English)

Improving yourself is an arduous task for any person; moreover, at Ayfaar, this practice is understood much more broadly, as improving the world around oneself. From the individual, this task requires a radical reassessment of values and directs him to the manifestation of responsibility for everything that happens around him (the subterransive responsibility). In household routine, such revaluation can be done using the following Ayfaarian Guidelines: 

  • the lluuvvumic  task of self-perfection: cultivating the Ayfaarian way of life; 
  • the mirror method of perception: every individual is yourself; 
  • the cultivation of self-awareness: continuous self-reflection, mutual support (the mechanism of supervision in respect of oneself and other people). 

d. Setting goals

We think that it makes no sense to convince you of the importance of the development of the skill of setting goals! The only question is, what goals you set for yourselves. Do you realize the action in life of the principle of resonationness — like attracts like? Our classes are based on the iissiidiological knowledge of the principles of the structure and laws of the macrocosmos’s functioning, as well as the characteristics of people and worlds of the favorable Human future contained in the Iissiidiology editions and other sources. Therefore, together with the participants, we form: 

  • new conceptions of the intellectual and altruistic society of the future, which can become the Goal orienting the vector of development of life in the most favorable scenarios; 
  • the Self-image, which is already living in this perfect society of the future in order to be able to articulate the specifics of necessary internal changes that would be reflected in the outside world on the principle of resonationness; 
  • activities and plans for the near future according to the embodiment of the conceived. 

e. Gratitude and forgiveness

Intellectual-altruistic way of life, cultivated and developed on Ayfaar, will allow in the future to build a new society on our planet by changing the paradigm of thinking of the humanity as a whole. With this purpose, each Ayfaarian is endeavoring to transform own self-consciousness and to develop highly sensual Intellect and highly intellectual Altruism for the task of Serving people. 

But the practice of life shows that to change common stereotypes and behaviors is not easy. The reason for the difficulties lies in the peculiarities of functioning of the brain and the activation of acquired neuronal pathways. What can help us in working on ourselves? How to transform negative thinking habits into optimistic, loving and creative attitude to life and people? 

The course “Forgiveness and gratitude” will help you to find the answers to these questions. 

If you want to discover and perfect the Human Development Direction

a. Ayfaarian self-analysis

At the Ayfaarian trainings (sloullings), a deeper understanding of the nature of mental processes, their causes and effects becomes possible through the parallel study of the basics of Iissiidiology and the structure of personality. 

Simultaneously with the deepening of understanding of own mental state, practical exercises on the Ayfaarian self-examination allow: 

  • to gain more stability in positive and harmonious thinking; 
  • to begin to think more systemically, going beyond personal perception; 
  • learn how to quickly get out of negative states, to monitor and transform negative patterns of behavior. 

That is, the skills of self-examination allow to see the extensive network of relationships that govern the events and the inner world of every individual. In turn, this allows you to select the model of behavior that will be most optimal and harmonious.

b. Positive thinking and Ayfaarian motivations

The Ayfaarian way of life includes the multifaceted work on oneself — on the one hand, we learn to analyze own mental states and to identify weaknesses, and on the other hand, we develop self-awareness and unconditional positivity. If you practice various methods of self-improvement, you may have noticed that it is very difficult to harmoniously combine the “higher” and the “lower” inside of oneself — they conflict. The Ayfaarian experience of self-improvement shows that highly positive motivations help handle such situations. 

A motivational method of work involves searching for and finding additional, missing causes and reasons that help explain the behavior of others from a position of tolerance, acceptance, understanding and Love. Thus, in the Ayfaarian life, motivation is a thought-feeling incentive, which lets to look at the situation from a different angle, to raise self-awareness and to find a positive, harmonious solution. 

What will you learn about the motivations at the Ayfaarian sloulling? The main goal of these lessons is to demonstrate the efficacy of the Ayfaarian motivations and to share our unique experience that allows you to find positive and constructive decisions in difficult moments of life. 

Here we must warn you that the motivational method of work is applicable only if you are ripe for spiritual work and ready to seek the causes of all successes and misfortunes, victories and failures, joys and sorrows not in the external world but in yourselves! Only unshakeable understanding of your personal responsibility for every moment of life and for every your decision will assist you to use the Ayfaarian experience and to learn how to find and apply universal motivations in life.

c. Transformation of non-positive thinking (available in English)

The cycle of lessons on the work with non-positive thinking gives the opportunity to lift the veil on the “dark side” of our consciousness. If you are already familiar with Iissiidiology, it is not a secret for you — the intensity of our spiritual growth is hindered by non-positive manifestations in the psyche. Getting rid of them, instead we get “wings” of the Soul — Love and inner Harmony. Having once coped with non-positivisms, we can openly and sincerely to express Joy and unconditional kindness. 

Each of us, deep down, cherishes own Image — of a good man, a loving parent, a caring son or a loyal friend. But how often something inside us does not allow us to become this bright Image, something holds back good, warm words, and then we regret having missed the opportunity to give the gift of Joy and Warmth to someone else. “The Transformation of non-positivisms” lessons will help deeper to understand own psyche, to find the pitfalls that ruin relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues, that don’t allow to fully breathe and get rid of fears. 

The purpose of these lessons is to help you learn how to leave non-positive mental states using the theoretical platform of Iissiidiology and practical experience gained in Ayfaar. Our more distant goal is to help you to prevent the dip in the destructive part of Self-Consciousness and to develop skills of quick recognition and annihilation of negativisms.

If you want to consolidate the theoretical material, to experience all iissiidiological grounds in actual interrelations 

a. Radical methods of self-improvement

A unique practice of the “2 minutes rule” will show you the opportunity to learn to maintain continuously the alert state of mind and to get rid of the negative “dips” in the primitive programs of envy, jealousy, condemnation, self-pity, and many others. We will also consider a radical practice of “Sunny days” combining two processes in the mind: a meditative reinterpretation of the conflict situation and a powerful physical activity allowing to fix positive behaviors on the unconscious levels. Sustainable “reformatting” of the work of the limbic system is not an easy task and requires a powerful tension of psychic powers. The practice of “Sunny days” is able to solve successfully the most of complicated, painful situations in relationships with people and inside oneself.

b. Meditations on increasing self-awareness at sloullings

In addition to the Song meditations, four types of meditations are practiced in the Intellectual and Altruistic Center “Ayfaar”: 

  • meditation-relaxation 
  • meditation-concentration 
  • meditation-visualization 
  • meditation on the Sound Cosmic Codes 

According to our adopted classification on the depth of “immersion” in an altered state of consciousness, the 1-2-3rd types relate to ordinary meditations, and the 4th is called profound Meditation and can be practiced only with a high degree of liberation of your consciousness from destructive behavioral programs. 

The collective form of conducting the usual meditations contributes to the formation of the whole positive attitude, better concentration and responsibility of everyone, while the mental program of the presenter restricts possible uncontrolled “mind games” of the participants. We also have repeatedly noted that the collective form of meditation as if forms a cumulative effect and enhances the energy flow directed by the presenter; it exponentially increases the effect of the thought generation of each participant. 

If you want to activate the resources of the DNA and brain, and to understand where it is possible to direct them

a. The central nervous system, brain functioning

The iissiidiological Knowledge scrupulously considers the issues of consciousness and answers the questions: “where is consciousness localized?”, “how is consciousness related to matter?”, “what are the principles according to which consciousness works?” and others. Linking the concepts of macro-world at the scale of the Universe with the concepts of micro-world at the level of atoms and molecules, Iissiidiology offers a completely new approach to the question of formation and functioning of consciousness. 

There is a particular interest of participants of the sloullings in the subject of the interference of the self-consciousnesses of our personal interpretations localized in parallel scenarios. Understanding of the principles of the brain structure allows a completely new re-evaluation of the influence of the factor of “freedom of Choice” and scenario positioning in the multidimensional structures of the collective Subconsciousness. Different versions of fate is a different architecture of the brain. The understanding of the differences in the modes of the brain functioning will help you to more consciously assess the quality of a Choice, relating it with the lluuvvumic development direction. 

b. DNA, hormones activity

The iissiidiological knowledge offers a radically new view of consciousness and matter, thoroughly describes the information basis of the structure of DNA, revealing its role in the life activity of the organism and the evolution of human Self-Consciousness. 

The DNA molecule is not a closed system containing a limited amount of information, but is a multi-purpose universal mechanism that performs the role of sending and receiving “super Communicator” between the huge number of biological/sensual-mental programs (Self-Consciousnesses Forms) and timeless information “storage”. 

What program starts in the human genome in a particular period of life depends on the quality and stability of conceptions, interests, desires, reactions, motivations, choices, i.e. on the way of life of the individual. Even if there are stable hereditary obstructions in the genetic system, every man starts to pursue efforts in the desired direction of his development thus gaining the ability to change the obstructions, no matter how persistent these programs may be. The fact is confirmed by a multifunctional complex structure of DNA itself, which can activate any Information necessary for the further development of the individual. 

If you want to reveal sensual creativity and individual inner world

a. Ayfaarian holidays

Life of Ayfaar is not only busy weekdays — there are many holidays in our life! Some of them coincide on the calendar with the national holidays, and some are purely original in nature and were born in our midst. The Ayfaarian holidays have their names and their history while their content brings spiritual rushes and stimulating altruistic sense. On the holiday we hold a collective event, which, in addition to the usual fun, is essential for man’s spiritual growth. 

The names of our holidays have an exclusively positively inspiring sense. For example, “Uniting with Love” or “Day of highly-intellectual Altruism”. These names emphasize the great importance to us of the constructive and creative approach to life. 

Ayfaarian holiday is the opportunity to be Altruistic and share own creativity with others. After all, the altruistic creative devotion awakens optimism and joy in us. We have a good rule — each participant makes an artistic performance. It can be a song, poem, parable, dance, sketch, theatrical production or something else what you want to share with others. Often performers unite together in creative groups and make collective performances, which help develop the skills of consistency, tolerance, flexibility, initiative and responsibility. 

It is important to note that any compositions having strong beat, or rock, rap and other creative expressions of destructive Levels of consciousness are NOT welcome in our Center, and such a performance is likely to be left without applause. The same holds true for the sketches and productions inciting violence, national hatred, built on sarcasm and cynicism, or by any other method provoking destructive mental energy in the viewers’ consciousness. One of the important principles of our life is the consistent maintenance of positive thinking, and we try to implement this principle in every our action!

b. Community workdays

For those who want to learn about Ayfaar not in words, community work is a chance to get acquainted with the Center, its members, and to plunge for one day into our atmosphere and rhythm of life. There is also an opportunity to take part in altruistic work, to have delicious lunch, and then to relax in the warm and homely atmosphere with a cup of tea of domestic mountain herbals, to talk about life, about relationships, about goals and the future. 

There are a lot of nuances and sensations that cannot be explained in mere words – one can only feel them in the place where people learn to build highly positive relations characteristic of the most favorable future Continuums. The visit to the community work day is the opportunity to witness Ayfaar, to fully breathe in its warm and cordial atmosphere. 

It happens that a person visiting for the first time has a sensation of something very familiar and dear, but as if “long forgotten”. Don’t be shy of these feelings — these are “echoes” of those worlds where the humankind has stepped into a new level of development without wars, violence, greed and envy. In those worlds Ayfaars have grown up and become Cities of Light and Knowledge — homes to millions of people. 

Community work at Ayfaar take place every Saturday! To participate, please contact Vualttrass (tel. +7-978-006-73-41)


The technical progress and life speed accelerate. To manage with the psychological tension they cause, we have to raise our self-awareness and empathy as soon as possible. Our ego and instinctiveness are to be conquered and directed to positive, intellectual, altruistic and creative thoughts, feelings, relationships and actions. Only this way we would go through with any personal and social problems. As soon as we can do it all, we will achieve living in the Golden Age, the New World of true love and mutual understanding. Only then the artificial intelligence and technical achievements will not bring harm to our society.

Every visitor to Ayfaar not only attends the sloulling, but first and foremost, gets in the flow of the Ayfaarian life and becomes its active participant. The importance of this is difficult to overestimate! A huge amount of information that you will hear and see in our classes, cannot be fully absorbed within 10-20 days of intensive immersion. We will do our best to help you to form new internal guidelines and share the experience that we have managed to gain in the process of conscious and purposeful change of own mind in a positive creative direction. 

For the acquired knowledge is not left “lying on the shelf” and applied in everyday life, the Ayfaar residents intensively combine the dynamics of training sessions with the practice of life, simulating usual everyday situations and mastering the knowledge in practice. Altruistic collective work, voluntary work days and duties are a great help for work with apathy, peevishness, irritability, hypocrisy and other human weaknesses. 

Such a direct participation in everyday life provides guests of Ayfaar a rich ground for introspection, work on oneself, communication with Ayfaarians and analytical analysis of the “sores of mind” helps to change outdated patterns of behavior. High demanding requirements to staying in positive states and a versatile integrated program of the sloulling often generates a strong internal tension, requiring high costs of mental effort. In fact, each participant has to radically rethink their approach to life just in a few days. Of course, it’s not easy. But, drastic efforts are needed to cope with deep-seated in us, unconscious programs! 

Our presenters


I want to write a few words about the sloulling “Work on oneself”. I am very grateful to the guys for this opportunity to examine my own negativisms, and rise myself a little through the levels of self-consciousness. I would not be able to work productively on myself. The teamwork + the daily supervision of the mentor + the practical exercises together give a very positive and desired result. My internal observer has become more stable. Subpersonalities are well caught now, of which existence I previously did not know. In general, I consider this course an essential tool for all those who wish to grow and move to their own better and brighter future. 

Natalia Filatova



Many will say, “what a nonsense, don’t you have better things to do?” Why should one develop himself if there are so many things around us we never have time for? 

Yes, I will agree that there isn’t really always time and there is a ton of things to do, but believe me, all of your cases will be decided in half time if you realize what you should change in yourselves. And as a result, your surroundings begin to change. Not immediately, but begin. Even the colors become more vivid; the smell becomes more saturated; the taste becomes more intense. And it’s about everything. I began to understand how my brain works and, as a consequence, began to understand where mistakes were made. Although I don’t like the word “mistakes” — everything is experience. Everything we acquire during our lives is the necessary experience, and it can be different. It may charm, and may force to be unhappy. The understanding gave me the acceptance of the whole experience! 

Elena Nikitina



I am involved in the process of studying Iissiidiology only during 10 months, although I have the feeling that it is a whole life! I can’t say that I don’t know anything yet, this is not entirely true. I understand something! But it is also not fair to say that I UNDERSTAND it. More correctly — I am learning, learning every moment of life! And every time amazing discoveries happen to me. I couldn’t understand how I lived without the knowledge about DNA and information extraction, then I had a moment of “enlightenment” after the sloulling “Immortality as the principle of existence”, now the insights happen to me in the webinar “Work on oneself”. 

Due to the methodically properly structured rhythm of the lessons (when, the theoretical block is followed by the practices and discussion of all moments lived through), an understanding is gradually built up that it is my idea proposed for the implementation to some Levels of self-consciousness which starts the unpacking of certain scenarios in my life. And no one is to blame, no one owes anything to anyone; people, events are attracted and the world is formed in resonance with my level at the moment. I have a multidimensional picture of me literally before the eyes, and I am so different! 

I met with myself, who is “not very good” in own manifestation, but it is also me. Now I understand why and how my body reacts, why I think one way and do another, and most importantly – why these exact events take place in my life. Now I know what I can be like in the next moment, but spiritually higher in my manifestation. And while remaining in a state of observer, I can choose myself! The summer is magical in this year! There are still two months of training and practice! 

Larisa Chernyshova



I arrived to Ayfaar with the fairly clear purposes — primarily to strengthen on this Path, to get a new impulse, to look at the relationships of the Ayfaarians, to see how they live, how they communicate. To see from the inside how it all happens, how altruistic they are and how they can behave in such difficult conditions of Ayfaar when everything in sight. And, of course, I had a very large interest “to have myself stew in this juice,” to see from the inside how it all happens, to gain the Ayfaarian energy. And of course I arrived with the impulse to get such a charge of this energy which would help me strengthen and somehow systematically follow this Path. 

In the end, after three weeks, I can confidently say that the interest in Iissiidiology has increased significantly. That is, I’m leaving with a clear intention to make every effort to read. Also I am very glad of getting the experience of residence in Ayfaar. The relationships I saw here really inspire. The practice of living shows that people here live the so-called lluuvvumic way. In short, it is manifested through four qualities: openness, initiative, honesty, responsibility, which are worked out down to the last detail here. I have noticed a constant control, that is, the awareness of “here and now” concerning my own actions and deeds. 

It is felt that the Ayfaarians constantly monitor own reactions. I managed to touch this by myself for a short time, before some not positive (but common for the society) reactions began to slip more often. This experience is very helpful, and really inspiring because I could not stay for so long time in such high states. And, in fact, I didn’t see people in the society who could function on such energies for a long time. It’s a feeling of empathy, some kind of intimacy. And usually when a lot of people live nearby, still some issues sooner or later start to happen. Here, I believe, people were very dignified and beautiful, in my opinion. 

As I understand it, several things contributed to that: exactly, that people have a lofty goal, that they understand why they are doing this and know how to do this, where to go; and they are guided by this plan every minute in their life. Thus they are able to step over some personal moments without fear of some of own individual imperfections, some atavisms, egoistic manifestations. Thank you!

Andrey Nikitin



For me the visit to Ayfaar was a small surprise about how everything has changed here: both in content and in appearance. Concerning the meditations, it was good to try some techniques, different approaches, to see how I react to them, if I have a resonance. Now, after coming home, I will have the opportunity to experiment. During the lessons with many people I felt like among the family, like-minded people, very comfortably. There was no fear that I would say something wrong. Thank you all, organizers for their hard work. 

Maris Pelekis



First, I looked for the answer on the goal-setting. How to structure my goals so that they are the most real and the most “lifting” me. I mean not some familiar and available goals, but something above the usual for me bar. For example, I wanted to see what I can do more, how to make a deeper look at my life, to become more of an Observer. 

Meditations on the Higher Self-Image allowed deeper to find my potential, to see how I can set goals more consciously. I discovered parts of myself which I didn’t know previously owing to the collective because it was interchange between different participants, Ayfaarians who set their goals and now have managed to acquire positive behavior, thinking stereotypes. Then I worked on the image of leader which I cultivate and would like to become clear in my mind. All instruments of leader were given on the lessons. A map was offered, which depicts all our states developing in the intellectual and sensual directions. This map allowed me to understand which qualities, states are less important and good for me and which lead to the opening of cordiality, high sensuality, altruism, service, which develop my intellect. 

The answers were given on the subject of neurobiology because I want to develop a new concept of psyche to understand clearly how our psyche works, how we can transform ourselves. I want to make it more objective. I think the information of Iissiidiology is deeper, it is more precise. It is possible to combine it with the information of neurobiology and to obtain an integral concept for working with psyche. That’s what is very important for me. 

Maria Curry


New York

This is my first visit to Ayfaar. I saw an ad on the website and could not but come. One of the goals of my visit was to work with different not positive emotions and reactions, in particular, with irritation. I was able to work with the issues that pursued me since childhood. With what I’d ended up agreeing, but what hurt me to believe in myself. Here I found the meaning of life, which I had long been looking for, now I have a leading light that will shine in any weather. 

The sloulling itself was held in the format of seminars and lectures, and there were also meditation practices, singing meditations and collective work. There were several very bright moments. One of them was a meditation in which I vividly saw the images through which I realized,  “this is where I want to strive for”. For me, this image was a leading light; when there are any not positive reactions, I remember this image and realize that everything that happens with me is intended to allow me to get there. The second thing I remembered was the reprogramming of the experience. 

Before arriving I had many doubts, it was necessary to solve many domestic issues, but I don’t regret a minute that I came all this long way. I advise to visit this sloulling everyone who is willing to take full responsibility for own life, who doesn’t find answers in accusing others. Actually, I myself thought a long time about own arrival at Ayfaar and somehow delayed it; I found motivations that there were books, which I could read. But books will never give you something you can feel on Ayfaar during the sloulling while interacting with the people, something you can adopt — which is impossible to get from books. 

Elena Tacu



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