Celebrating unity of people!

Imagine intense and fruitful positive communication, concordance of plans, desires, projects, ideas and aspirations. People from different countries and cities meet together to recharge their emotional and inspirational batteries! Festival is the time to feel our Unity!

Everyone who live the intellectual and altruistic lifestyle needs kind of conference for creative and friendly networking every year. Festival is the best opportunity to recollect the most important core value in our life – warmth and spiritual support of Ayfaarian relationships. There the participants remember the wonderful time they first met like-minded people at Ayfaar. Members of regional followers groups make common plans for international actions for sharing the values of intellectual and altruistic lifestyle and communication.

Those who visit Ayfaar rarely get the opportunity to see changes occurred for the last years at Ayfaar. Surely, for everyone festival is a chance to start a new, creative and inspirational part of life!

Spring festival «Meeting friends» is intended as a soulful encounter of Ayfaar followers. The uniting events are

  • Common work day – subbotnik
  • Holiday
  • The campfire songs
  • Discussions and workshops
  • Songs evening
  • Meditations

We invite not only our old and beloved friends but also new ones to the spring festival! We are pleased to get acquainted with new visitors! As always, the first festival is fabulous time for feeling unity, sincere and frank communication and spiritual insights!

Autumn «Starfall» festival calls for making dreams and wishes. This is the time for magic and feeling of belonging to something greater than usual daily routine, something grandiose! We start to celebrate the Starfall holiday at the Ayfaar and come to the seaside by the evening. Under the star shower we make wishes with a cup of flavored mulled wine. Flame of candles, songs to a guitar and soulful speeches, chance to overnight on a beach and to wake up with the sunrise – everything complements the unforgettable festival atmosphere!

Festival objectives

  • Making friendly and trusting atmosphere for co-Creativity
  • Designing sensual space full of openness, goodwill and initiative
  • Exchanging information about project and further development plans
  • Attracting the interest of regional groups members to Ayfaarian projects
  • Presenting and correcting Ayfaar development program and trainings (sloullings) program
  • Renewing notions of Ayfaar
  • Creative networking among all participants of a festival
  • Uniting all Ayfaarian residents during festival organization

* Festivals are arranged only for Russian-speaking guests.  

What can you do right now?

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