What is Ayfaar

A happiness project – transform negative thinking into loving, effective and positive communication

We are really tired of feeling strange to each other. How to live as a united human family – no schools, no extra classes teach us. We are due to release from the endless circle of negative thinking, quarrels, misunderstanding, and ignorance. This is the best time to live connecting hearts, not to break them.

The solution is positive lifestyle, positive communication, love and intellect. It all we cultivate at the AYFAAR – Intellect and Altruism Development Center. A happiness project for healing hearts and minds.

We are the human development center bringing practices of self-awareness into daily routine: common and individual work, relationships, projects, holidays, festivals, trainings and workshops. We create the whole positive and healthy lifestyle, new social relationships based on unconditional love, do-no-harm principle and state of Observer. Such is called intellectual and altruistic or Ayfaarian lifestyle

Benefits of visiting Ayfaar Center

  • habits of positive thinking and optimism 
  • returning to yourself: loving and intelligent, feeling people and hearing intuition
  • clarity to relationships 
  • humanness challenging: are you a true human from the big H in various situations? Test yourself!
  • mastering negative feelings, skills of self-harmonization
  • finding your inner peace, love, mission
  • boosting self-confidence, faith in people and in yourself 
  • recharging inner “battery” with love and mental energy
  • surely, new friends, positive communication
  • templates of all above mentioned.

How we would achieve it all with you? We would start from development of basic true human states of mind: love, intellect, altruism (or unconditional love, state of Observer), the OHRI complex: openness, honesty, responsibility and initiativeness and many more positive states. 

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How you can visit us

As a trainee: immerse into our lifestyle and take lessons, practices and tasks for individual and common work on self-development. Stay and live with us for 1, 2, 3 weeks in our human development center! Check training programs available in English.

As a guest: visit some of our public activities and workshops, meditations and practices – try yourself at Ayfaar! 

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Who are inviting you?

We are a team of Ayfaarians – permanent residents (training tutors as well), potential residents (candidates), assistants, and project members. See us on the team page

We are working to make the idea of many Ayfaars on the Earth come true! Starting from a happiness project we aspire to free the planet from negative thinking and to make it a positive communication spot. See the global vision and mission of the Intellect and Altruism Development Centers.

Our activities


We call them sloullings. Programs unite courses on self-development and applying them to everyday life. Take part in our positive lifestyle going for transformations from negative perception to positive communication.


3 days of inspiring and friendly atmosphere. Meet new or old friends from all over the world! Celebrate our international friendship on a holiday, workshops, general labor time and swimming in the Black Sea!


Meet us on online-training programs, webinars. The topics are self-development, building relationships, transformation of negative feelings, karma, structure of the Universe, structure of personality and many more…

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Our philosophy

We are the Intellect & Altruism Development Center. Intellect and mindfulness development are grounded on the IISSIIDIOLOGY Conception, while altruism, sensuality are cultivated by listening to and singing Ayfaar songs. Regular studying Iissiidiology and visiting songs meditations with Ayfaar songs help us to maintain positive, optimistic and effective mood in any daily routine.

Organizational structure of Ayfaar

The best way to learn a new lifestyle and to support it is the system of public locations for inside activities: (слайдер с фото и подписями)

  • living and sleeping in dormitories separately for single women and men (including all visitors) and in family rooms for couples
  • dining room 
  • kitchen, where we cook for everyone
  • classes for meetings, trainings and workshops
  • stateroom for holidays and special dinners
  • two saunas with jacuzzi
  • summer terrace with outdoor grill

For outside activities:

  • fruit and flower gardens 4 hectares in total
  • vegetable gardens + two greenhouses with vegetables and citrus tropical fruits.
  • terrace with fireplace for summer meditations and meetings
  • small swimming pool to freshen up and to sunbathe nearby
  • two fountains and a pavilion to relax, meet friends and talk to

The infrastructure includes rest-rooms, washrooms, garage and car parking.

Keywords: happiness project, positive communication, positive lifestyle, human development center, altruistic, optimism, true human.

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