History of Ayfaar

Initially, it was just a Dream – life and communication in unconditional Love, Wisdom, without aggression and misunderstanding

Thanks to efforts and love of hundreds of people including Oris the Dream has been coming true. From rare meetings with few guests of Oris in his apartments in Yalta communication with readers and followers raised to all-year visits to Intellect and Altruism Development Center AYFAAR, to meetings in various countries and cities every week, to opening similar Centers in USA and Germany, to social online and offline activity all over the world. 

A chronological order of Ayfaar movement development

1990 – Oris wrote Wandering Soul, Revelations of Aquarius, Life between Lives and Contacts on the Eve of 2000. First readers became his friends and followers.

1999 – Oris and six like-minded people spent forty days fasting on the AI-Petri plateau in Crimean mountains. Origination of idea of Ayfaar construction. First meetings with readers in Moscow.

2000 – Rapid growth of Moscow initiative group, recording video and audio with Oris, distribution of them in Moscow. Due to that, Oris had met new readers who became then first founders of Ayfaar in Crimea.

2001 – Oris started to create the first Ayfaar songs. Regular lectures of Oris in Moscow. The first organized meeting in Crimea – summer tent camp by the Black Sea with 30 visitors.

2002 – Running the first Ayfaar at the Ai-Petri plateau on 28 March. Volunteer construction of the first followers of Ayfaar global idea. Some people moved to Ayfaar for good. The social movement of Ayfaar followers started in Kiev, Naberezhnye Chelny and Riga.

There were first attempts of agreed communication among so different people who were united by the one Idea. To make the Dream real it required to work out the principles and practice of uniting and positive communication. Working on self-development became the priority. Intellect and altruism turned out the general features of right choices and successful communication in severe conditions of building Ayfaar in mountains.

2003 – Initiation the regular distribution of Oris’s books and recordings on a bookfair at the Olimpiyskiy Sport Complex in Moscow. Improving Ayfaarian relationships and quality of life, Ayfaar residents worked on transformation of negative perception into positive. Oris changed his approach to information presentation from channeling-esoteric to more scientifically oriented one. He started to write Good News in two volumes. Registration of Ayfaar foundation.

2004 – Origination of the contemporary Ayfaar at the village Goluboy Zaliv, 30 km from Yalta. The first spot at Ai-Petri remained the place for deeper inner self-development practice. The new spot was expected to become more achievable and interactive Center for sustainable human development. More people decided to move to Ayfaar for permanent residency.

2005-2007 – Ayfaarians (permanent residents) with visitors kept developing the area and building all necessary infrastructure. The Good News two books and the three Ayfaar songs-books were published. The first Ayfaar gardens were blossoming and cropped in autumn of 2007. The first vegetables and fruits first appeared on tables.

2008 – The group in Riga started the rapid growth and active involving into sharing the Ayfaar Idea. With assistance of PhD in physics Artem Khokhryakov, Oris decided to create the new many-volume conception of immortality that is real for everyone. The new conception should have become the comprehensive knowledge about the Universe, human nature, laws of the world structure combined with notions of science. The writer Oris and his chief editor took up prosperous collaboration that has been working up to now.

2009 – Oris visited the readers group in Riga. This is the year of Iissiidiology conception origination – the newest cosmological Conceptions about the Macrocosmos and the human being. Start of Iissiidiology translating into English at the end of the year.

2010-2011 – Oris and a group of his editors visited South-East Asia two times for long periods. There he wrote five volumes of Immortality is Accessible to Everyone series. He brought lots of seeds and shoots of tropical plants to sow the Ayfaar land. Ayfaar culture of self-development improved: appeared two-minutes practice, radical transformation of negative perception, basics of intellectual and altruistic lifestyle and relationships and statuses of permanent and potential residents, Ayfaarian and candidates. Singing Ayfaar songs by the Ayfaar band moved to a new level – taking part in Crimea Music Fest in Yalta.

Our organization and direction principles started to assume features of agile and teal organizations.

2012 – First Ayfaar children’s summer camp with practices of art, meditation, communication studying Iissiidiology and organized rest by the Black Sea and travelling around Crimea. Publication of the sixth book of the Immortality is Accessible to Everyone series. Starting organization of American Ayfaar.

2013 – Publishing of the 1st volume of Iissiidiology Fundamentals. Running of Iissiidiology and Science project. Starting Ayfaar construction in Bad Feilnbach, Germany.

2014 – Developing Ayfaar in Germany: making meetings, lectures, concerts. Launching the first three-week training program. 

2015 – Reforming the Crimean Ayfaar foundation into social action organization Intellect and Altruism Development Center AYFAAR. Starting Iissiidiology Fundamentals translation into English.  

2016 – The official website in Russian was launched. Reforming the direction style at Ayfaar into agile-like or teal organization style turned to origination of Ayfaar council.

2017 – Publishing of the last volume of Iissiidiology Fundamentals – the 6th one. Oris began expanding Iissiidiological conceptions in his articles and went on songwriting. Filming first video clips for new songs. 

Team building workshops and special adaptation programs for new Ayfaar residents were developed. Reforming Ayfaar strategy and formulation of Ayfaars development stages.

2018 – We pointed out the most successful and perspective training topics: meditation, intellectual and altruistic thinking and lifestyle, studying Iissiidiology, Real Human development direction, DNA and human brain. Online trainings became the branch of the new project – intaltlife.ru
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