Global Vision and Mission

Ayfaar is the Center of Intellect and Altruism Development

Ayfaar puts the idea of sustainable social development into practice. It is called to show the humanity positive and effective networking on any communication level. The key problem to be solved is mastering and transforming our instincts and blind egoism. Being subject to them we  cause and stir up any problem to any level, interpersonal or international. Once one did not understand his opponent or blamed someone in mind, he or she feeds a minor or major enmity between them.

Positive communication

Nothing but learning positive communication, intellectual and altruistic thinking will help us to become and stay true humans during the increasing technical progress and stressful environment. The human development center Ayfaar is due to show the template for solving social problems through spreading 

  • intellectual and altruistic, positive lifestyle,
  • culture of positive communication and relationships,
  • development of self-awareness: transforming negative perception into a positive one.

Mission of Ayfaar Idea

We develop an intellectual and altruistic community.

OUR GOAL: to expand principles of the intellectual and altruistic community on future Ayfaars wherever in the world.

Join Ayfaar

  • to transform any negative feelings into energy for self-development
  • to make happiness a permanent background
  • to make up emotions and mind
  • to stop having a run of bad luck  
  • to get new friends and boost your positive communication skills
  • to dedicate your time and maybe life to the considerable humanistic uniting Idea

If you feel you are ready, join us and see the prototype of the City of the Future with your own eyes!


The technical progress and life speed accelerate. To manage with the psychological tension they cause, we have to raise our self-awareness and empathy as soon as possible. Our ego and instinctiveness are to be conquered and directed to positive, intellectual, altruistic and creative thoughts, feelings, relationships and actions. Only this way we would go through with any personal and social problems. As soon as we can do it all, we will achieve living in the Golden Age, the New World of true love and mutual understanding. Only then the artificial intelligence and technical achievements will not bring harm to our society.

Base for intellectual and altruistic lifestyle

We extremely need to learn how to be loving and kind, wise and responsible, initiative and open-minded in every case. Such a mindful perception and life require a strong conceptional ground, deep understanding of many laws of our world. Those are principles of karma, cause-and-effect invisible connections among us, reasons for any circumstances, especially obstacles. This is why at Ayfaar we study Iissiidiology – the newest cosmological knowledge about the Universe and a human being. 

It combines the most actual scientific evidence in neuroscience, physics, biology and psychology with principles of humanness development. See more about Iissiidiology here. The knowledge can help us to create a new society of true Humans, sincerely wise, kind and intelligent. Such is the basis for the intellectual and altruistic way of human development in our center. 

Attitude to religion and politics

The Ayfaar Idea can unite people from all over the world despite their political and religious preferences. True love on every level of relationships will be possible if we accept our diversity. Surely, the acceptance should take place along with work on own egoism, selfishness and aggression so that everyone could bring the best of his view into the common life.

What does the Ayfaar Idea resemble?

The organizational and functional structure of the current Ayfaar in Crimea represents some principles of Teal organization or Agile management. While producing the useful and feasible methods of positive thinking and lifestyle we are addressing service to people more than points of our comfort and power. See more about our organizational structure on the lifestyle page.

The project of the Future

Additional information

The founder of Ayfaar about Basic Principles of Ayfaar operation

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