Two-minutes practice

The faster we track and change our bad mood, the more comfortable we feel whatever is happening.

two minutes practice in Ayfaar

Why two minutes?

The response from our nervous and endocrine systems is almost instant as compared to our realization of an emotion and a thought based on this response. Actually, in a stressful situation we have up to 30 seconds to overcome the first negative impulse: to reduce release of cortisol, the “aggressive” hormone. If we are not late, the next 1.5 minutes we take control over our emotions and inner tension and turn to the common sense. Our impulsiveness is replaced with mindfulness, sobriety and calm.

Two minutes – this is how much time we have to get away from the animal pattern “hit or run” – the influence sphere of the limbic system and the orbitofrontal cortex of our brain. Once we mastered our emotions and instincts, we cede control to ventral and dorsal parts of the brain – these are exactly which make our reactions and choices real humanistic. That means apologies instead of arrogance, empathy instead of rejection, talking about feelings and motives instead of manipulation and offence. However, we have only two minutes to decide whether we feel and act one or another way, as humans or animals.

This is not an easy choice and we need much time and support in comfortable environment to train the skills of emotions observation and transformation. Before we could respond to stresses accurately and positively, we need to practice regularly in peaceful atmosphere. Tutors at our trainings and online products can help to make a positive environment and team for successful development of these mindfulness skills. 

Two-minutes practice is fundamental for positive lifestyle, combining intellect and high sensuality (altruism). When we learn tracking and transforming negative feelings in usual, not very stressful situations, we accumulate the experience of soulful sustainability. Then, one day, this experience brings to us internal comfort and confidence in today and tomorrow. We find ourselves having better relationships, more interesting work and duties and our own, internal fundament of healthy self-esteem, calm, wisdom and love. This way we learn living a meaningful life.

The key notions for successful performance of the practice are mastering the Observer state, keeping the Higher Self-Image in mind, switching the mood to a little more balanced and positive. It all would be impossible without deep knowledge and Motivations. The sources are Iissiidiology and Ayfaar songs (for development of intellect and sensuality correspondingly).

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What can you do right now?

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