Human relationships

Real human relationships are based on positive communication.

How often we experience various feelings about something, while our family members or friends consider it quite usual, minor or boring? For example, we ask them to spend time with us, but they have some more important things to do or other people to meet. All of us attach importance to everything in various ways, sometimes in opposite. It is shown best in opposition of sensual and intellectual attitudes. Sometimes all of us speak as if different languages. 

Most often, everyone speaks and acts in his good faith. Behind every choice there is a good will, definite personal values, motives and goals. And any of them are dedicated to the common point everyone has been searching for all life – becoming happy. On the path to happiness, one is guided more by feelings, while the other by mind. How could we learn to get the both attitudes (sensual and intellectual) closer to agreement and positive communication, to avoid quarrels, manipulations and wars?

The answer is – building positive communication and the real human relationships. The key points of such relationships:

  • Love based on respect to personal values and truth of any individual.
  • Finding balance between sensual and intellectual attitudes in own perception and in communication with people, accordingly.
  • Help in achieving the best dreams and goals of other person.
  • Win-win model.
  • Belief in the best qualities of everyone – higher self images of each other.
  • Service to others based on own abundance of love, time and strengths. Rejection of self-destruction for the sake of anybody.
  • Altruism instead of egocentrism and aggressive selfishness.
  • Do-no-harm principle.

To make relationships so deep and close we need to know and keep in mind the purposes of being together. Those purposes should conform with our personal values, dreams and goals – with our Higher Self-Images. Moreover, if we really love someone, we should feel and keep in memory his/her Higher Self-Image. It helps us to forgive and understand people when something goes wrong. This kind of positive communication (intellectual and altruistic) requires mindfulness to train every day. At Ayfaar we learn to track emotions and harmonize relationships in two minutes period – our basic practice for self-reflection. If you want to try the intellectual and altruistic relationships on yourself as well as the whole positive lifestyle, we invite you to visit Ayfaar!

Keywords: positive communication, becoming happy, personal values, higher self image, altruism, Ayfaar.

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