Basic principles

The true happiness and optimism are impossible without acceptance of the “the dark side” of ourselves and other people.

Everyone feels negative and positive emotions every day. We can not become truly positive and happy persons if we did not get through pain, sorrow, anger and like that. The true happiness and optimism are impossible without acceptance of the “the dark side” of ourselves and other people. On the one hand, suppressing negative feelings turns to heavy problems with health, psychics and the whole life. On the other hand, while living the negativisms we take the risk to lose mindfulness and screw things up.

Then, we ask ourselves how we could learn to express our negative feelings ecologically, with the least harm. How we could stop feeling ourselves bad, how we could replace our inner tension into harmony, love and happiness. How we could feel unity and closeness to each other.

A solution exists

Yes, it is not easy to achieve because of many details we should perform. But it is real! For 17 years of deep and careful work on self-development and communication, Ayfaarians have been exploring and setting the three basic principles of harmonious lifestyle and balanced thinking:

  • living the negative feelings mindfully 
  • boosting positive, optimistic and wise states of mind
  • transformation of negativisms into positive states through deepening feelings, acquiring knowledge, clearing mind from a mess of dull thoughts.

Let us review each point in details.

Work on negative perception

Our best solutions: motivation and Observer state. We learn tracking any emotions, instantaneous thoughts and mood changes – this is Observation of ourselves, the state of awareness or mindfulness. Our inner Observer draw up Motivations to amplify our mood and to live negative emotions ecologically (do-no-harm principle). Changing emotional state should happen in two minutes – the highly important period for our psychics and body processes. This time, our core values and the general purpose of life allow us to remember for what we do this and work on ourselves.

You can see our elaborations on:

Positive view and optimism

We need the alternative states for which we could change our dull mood, anxiety, anger and so on. According to the conception of the Real Human development direction, we practice balance between Intellect and Sensuality (Altruism) in everyday choices, relationships, work – everywhere. This is about happy habits, small and big kind actions, words of gratitude and love to each other and many, many more! The reference points for finding and manifesting love, wisdom and intelligence in any case are stated in Iissiidiology and Ayfaar songs.

Of course, it is highly important to feel the best characteristics of a real Human sincerely, from the bottom of soul, not being far-fetched unnaturally. For that we learn designing and meditating on the Higher Self-Image. It combines our best characteristics, feelings, dreams and goals a particular man desires to perform. We get closer to It when we thank, forgive, bless and serve people, when we choose love and wisdom in every situation. Our project “IntAlt Life” combines lectures and practices that help everyone to define its Higher Self-Image and to approach to It in everyday thoughts, feelings and choices. Once we got in touch with Higher Ourselves, we are able to see the Same in other people and to build warm relationships with them.

To maintain our Higher Self-Image, higher feelings and union with each other we practice Ayfaar songs and other meditations. We learn sharing our best feelings while altruistically cooking for the whole team for holidays and not only. Of course, one of the best sources for our inspiration is our trainings where we share our experience with you!  

Transformation of negative perception

To fix the permanent positive view and optimism we should work on our negative perception as stated before. Someday, we succeed in choosing mindful, balanced, kind and rational way of thinking and behavior instead of offence, quarrels and like that. Such is called transformation of negative feelings – turning from selfishness to intellectual and altruistic lifestyle. It means becoming happy and calm in any situation more often. You can try our best methods of transformation on this page, especially the two-minutes practice of tracking, transforming the negative feelings and focusing on light, happy and constructive states. 

At the Crimean Ayfaar for altruism development are being used many opportunities to make good to other people: to participate in collective work, cook something in the kitchen, to share own experiences in helping to understand the life situation – in general, to do something for one or more people that will allow the giver to feel joy, a sense of unity and satisfaction from the fact that he is doing something for free, not for himself, trying to make lives of other people better. Also sharing your performance art of singing, dancing or playing the musical instruments.

Certainly, nothing goes too easily in our self-development at Ayfaar. We are not angels and experts with no mistakes. Our path to Higher Self-Images, to Us Future in the Golden Age is complicated but very happy and fruitful! Union of the whole humanity – this dream is coming true right now, at Ayfaar. And you? Would you like to be a member of this exciting process? 

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