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Change the world starting from yourself

Specialists and residents of Ayfaar (Ayfaarians) set a Goal – to live in practice and to implement conceptions about real Human core values, development direction. Our message to the humanity – to show through the own example feasibility of the Dream about new society – happy, intelligent, kind and wise, the Dream about living in the Golden Age! 

Anger, sorrow, jealousy and misunderstanding – are the real enemies and destroyers for peace wherever in the world. Becoming continuously kind, loving, compassionate and mindful is the most difficult the humanity has tried ever. Conquering the negative feelings and amplifying positive thinking are the primary goal for everyone who wants to live tomorrow better than yesterday. This goal might be achieved only systematically – that is why it requires a special positive lifestyle with discipline and awareness in thinking and acting. Developing the intellectual and altruistic lifestyle is the complicated task the Ayfaarians have been accomplishing since 2002. 

Our lifestyle is based on

  • transformation of negative feelings into positive ones
  • solving any conflicts creatively and effectively
  • setting positive communication and relationships


Ayfaarians have developed three basic principles of harmonious lifestyle and balanced thinking.


The faster we track and change our bad mood, the more comfortable we feel whatever is happening.


To transform relationships, we need to know and keep in mind the purposes of being together.

Benefits of everyday intellect & altruism

  • applying positive thinking and optimism in deeds and not in words in various cases
  • progressive improvement of relationships through amplification of inner psychic state
  • comprehensive self-development: boosting self-esteem, happiness, effectiveness and intuition
  • happiness as a background permanent state whatever happens
  • turning from manipulations to agreement keeping personal boundaries
  • stress-resistance increase
  • recharging yourself and the others with positive mental energy

How to achieve it?

The answer is the development of basic real human states of mind: love, intellect, altruism (or unconditional love, state of Observer), the OHRI complex: openness, honesty, responsibility and initiativeness and many more positive states.

Read why intellect and altruism were chosen as objects for the Ayfaarian lifestyle.





Find friends

We know that support of like minded people is extremely important! For that we are keeping contact with our regional followers groups and individuals all over the world! You can contact them and walk the Path to Yourself together! Look at our geography. 

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