Agile and teal features of Ayfaar organization

From 2010 the new management trends have been evolving in organizational structures, strategies and operation in business. Rapidly changing environment, digitization and diversity of interests of employees push organizations to people-oriented direction with flexible and quick decision making. The Crimean Ayfaar had to change strategy two times and organizational structure one time to fit rising velocity of changing world. Eventually, we started to implement some features of agile management and teal organization. 

Brief description of agile and teal organizations

Agile organization

“Designed for both stability and dynamism, it is a network of teams within a people-centered culture that operates in rapid learning and fast decision cycles which are enabled by technology, and that is guided by a powerful common purpose to co-create value for all stakeholders. Such an agile operating model has the ability to quickly and efficiently reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities. An agile organization thus adds velocity and adaptability to stability, creating a critical source of competitive advantage in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions.”

source: McKinsey & Company

Teal organization

“Teal organizations are characterized by self-organization and self-management. The hierarchical “predict and control” pyramid … is replaced with a decentralized structure consisting of small teams that take responsibility for their own governance and for how they interact with other parts of the organization. Assigned positions and job descriptions are replaced with a multiplicity of roles, often self-selected and fluid. People’s actions are guided not by orders from someone up the chain of command but by ‘listening’ to the organization’s purpose.”

source: A wiki to inspire next-generation organizations

Features of agile management and teal organization

  • We share our purposes and vision. Every Ayfaarian resident and guest are united by the Idea of establishing people’s unity at all levels of communication and work: from homework and cleaning rooms to international projects. Everyone is deeply involved into implementation of our Mission.
  • We seize opportunities to grow better. Our guests and trainee often present their skills and knowledges so that we learn something new from them. Something developing our intellectual and altruistic lifestyle and training programs. Our marketing and educational methods are the spheres we keep growing.
  • We are flexible in performing roles. Every Ayfaarian is a specialist in building, repairing or gardening. Those roles are combined with leader positions in any project from education, marketing, technical support, music recording, content management, finance. Organizational functions are performed by each of us at least once a month. 
  • We are action-oriented. Bureaucracy and top management are not about us. Each household or project team makes decisions for the rest of us and takes responsibility for Ayfaar development in a particular life sphere. The most difficult and overwhelming decisions are made through collective voting on general council meetings.
  • We keep horizontal hierarchy. There are project and household teams whose members are represented in many teams mixedly, the Ayfaar council (consultative and generating ideas, decisions duties) and the general council. Strategy and general trends of Ayfaar movement are worked out and approved in the beginning of a year collectively at panel discussions. Also, panel discussions are held several times per year to generate creative solutions appropriate for everyone.
  • We evaluate efficiency of each other. Total evaluation of each individual every trimester helps everyone to keep focus on results in terms of wide discretion. The key points are competency growth and contribution in wealth increase of Ayfaarian lifestyle, positive communication and self-development. 

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