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ORIS – founder of Ayfaar, author of Iissiidiology and Ayfaar songs

Oris, founder of Iissiidiology

  • Oris is the founder of Intellect and Altruism Development Center AYFAAR in Crimea.
  • 38 books about human and the Universe, knowledge from channelings, profound meditations combined with information of quantum mechanics, physics, biology, neuroscience, genetics, psychology.
  • 1200 songs with highly sensual deep sense about Love, Kindness, Wisdom and etc.
  • 25 years in judo, karate and kung fu. Instructor and author of the three-volume book “The Karate Path – from student to Master.”

Before becoming Oris

Born January 25, 1954 in a small miner’s Ukrainian village of Marynka, located in the region of Donetsk, as Sergei Tsvelyov, he is the youngest son in a family of agronomist and paramedic. He has older sister Galina and brother Valentin. 

Oris’ karate experience

He became keen on karate in school years and became an instructor by 1972. In 1973, he successfully became a student of the Crimean Agricultural University. While there, he continued to be actively engaged in judo, karate and kung fu mastering, and had already started to write the first of his future books. This perennial work, accompanied by daily teaching of martial arts in a karate school he organized in Yalta, agronomist work at the local vineyard “Gurzuf” and the general manager position at the local recreational facility, had resulted in a publication in 1990, of the three-volume book series, titled “The Karate Path – from student to Master”.

Oris’ zen meditations

A thorough study of martial arts was the main reason for his inspiration of Zen Buddhism, as well as the meditation practice of Zazen. During one of multitude of extensive meditations regarding this subject, he managed, while in the altered state of Self-Consciousness, come into intuitive visual contact with one of his much more advanced personal interpretations (so-called Self-Consciousness “projection” or “spiritual Teacher”) and with its help, during the next five years, while strictly following intuitive advice, Sergei mastered the art of Profound Meditation. Thus, in 1994 he first learned of his spiritual Sound Tone Name – Oris, with which later he signed all of his books, and which many years later became his only name.

Death revelation

During summer of 1996, when he, quite unexpectedly for all the relatives and friends went up to the mountains above Yalta and spent 40 days in a small cave. This decision was the result of lengthy internal psycho-mental processes. He wanted to understand his own life, its primary sense of purpose, which was accompanied by an irrepressible desire to implement radical qualitative changes within own Self-Consciousness.

However, perhaps the most important task he intended to go through in this temporary tenement – is the opportunity to wait calmly for his own death, entering it in full consciousness – by means of the state of Profound Meditation. Meanwhile, so much has changed in his consciousness that when the long-awaited moment came, and he, having satisfied his curiosity, survived, he returned back home from the mountains (60 pounds lighter), being a totally different individual, whose mind was now enriched by that unfading Spark of Cognition of the most treasured mystery of the human existence – the Secret of “Death”.

He realized that death, as it is understood by all people, simply does not exist; that “death” – the greatest of illusions, formed within systems of our subjective perception due to the extremely limited capacity of the latter. Therefore, he considered his first priority to inform all people of this as quickly as possible. From January of 1997 to July of 1999, he has published the following book series: “Life without death”, “Soul and Cosmos”, “People and nonhumans”, ” Soul in various worlds” and “The Aliens” under the title “Zodiac Soul”, as well as another 13 books under the title “Contacts just before the year 2000″.

From July 15 to August 27, of 1999,Oris and six of his followers from Switzerland and Russia have climbed the plateau of Ai-Petri Mountains in Crimea for the purpose of joint practice of Profound Meditation. During this trip, Oris has decided to combine fasting and a vow of silence. The unique experience, gained by the team during this expedition, promoted the subsequent publishing of additional four book series under the title “Transmutation Diary”. It is approximately during this period, when “The Art of Dying” – a standalone volume, was also written (translator’s note).

From writing to uniting people

In 2002, Oris, with the active support of many of his followers has initiated the creation of Intellect and Altruism Development Center – Ayfaar, built near Yalta, Crimea. This Center opened its doors to many of the readers and followers since 2004, where people come for answers to their most fundamental questions. There they learn to change their former worldview for the more advanced, positive and humane, based on such wonderful, and currently ignored by most people, qualities, as unconditional Love and understanding. The primary focus of the Center has been the propagation of intellectual and altruistic relationship principles and positive lifestyle; relationships based on profound understanding and positive thinking, optimism and honesty, empathy and compassion, intelligence and altruism. These principles were developed and perfected for more than a decade of collective and interpersonal relationships practice, cultivated at the Ayfaar in Crimea, where Iissiidiology,  – the unique intuitive Knowledge, – plays an essential role in their formation. The experience of Ayfaarian lifestyle and relationships was laid in Global vision program to share it with other people unions and future Ayfaars.

Ayfaar songs, Iissiidiology, and lifestyle

From 2001 more than 1000 specific lyrics texts (Ayfaar songs) were written by Oris to the many popular musical hits of the twentieth century in order to improve the efficiency of assimilation of new knowledge, being transitioned in a form of sensuous poetic perceptions. Leaving the Crimean Ayfaar, people, who have received a powerful boost of newest evolutionary ideas, continue striving to convey their unique experience to others. Thus, Iissiidiology study groups in various cities and countries began to organize, where “Ayfaarian” relationship model is being cultivated. Over time, in various places of the Earth, were formed many initiative iissiidiological groups, closely following the principles of Ayfaarian positive lifestyle and relationship model, organized as Intellect and Altruism Development Centers, where participants constantly approximate the entire humanity’s much brighter and perfected realities of the most favorable scenarios of our Future with their superior conscious aspiration and devoted self-sacrifice.

Beginning the year 2009, Oris had begun publishing Iissiidiology – the series of publications under a single title, which is anticipated to include 20 volumes. From 2012 Oris and Ayfaar members began to visit USA and Germany to take part in organization of American and German Ayfaars. 

Published Iissiidiology books

To date, following volumes are published:

  • Volume 1 – Information and Energy Interaction as the root Cause of Self-Consciousness Focus origination.
  • Volume 2 – Cosmic Qualities as the Basis of energy-information manifestation of all Form-Systems of the Universe.
  • Volume 3 – A variety of creative realization Forms of the Cosmic True Human.
  • Volume 4 – The Structure and manifestation Laws of energy-information dynamics of the Universe’s skrruullerrt (set of energy-information interaction Principals) system.
  • Volume 9 – Glossary.
  • Volume 10 – Fundamental Principles of Immortality.
  • Volume 11 – Energy and biological Self-Consciousness refocusing mechanisms.
  • Volume 12 – “Beyond-Time” dynamics of the “Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness”.
  • Volume 13 – “Human” forms psychogenetic manifestation conditioning.
  • Volume 14 – Self-Consciousness structure resonation Principles.
  • Volume 15 – Conscious Path towards the Realities of “individual” Human Immortality.

Currently, the Volume 5 is in the process of being published. The given Volume reflects the latest iissiidiological views, according to which the earlier book series “Good News” (published in 2000 – 2003) will be substantially deepened, expanded and supplemented.

Poetic lyrics, written by Oris, represent the following titles: “Iissiidiology. Songs”.

What can you do right now?

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